Growing up in Danville, Indiana, Kevin Miller can’t count the number of days he’s spent, hunting, fishing, and exploring “God’s Masterpiece” in his own backyard. Some of his fondest childhood memories were summers spent at Ellis Park, swimming, playing basketball, baseball and tennis. In more recent years, he’s even had some fun trying his hand at pickleball.

Throughout his life, nothing has brought Kevin quite as much joy as being outdoors—particularly in his community. So, when Jeff Banning approached him about joining the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County Board of Directors in 2019, Kevin was eager to find out how he could contribute to something he cared about so deeply.

“Jeff told me about the need for the foundation to have members of the community who care about the outdoors to help lead the organization going forward,” recalled Kevin. “I thought that by becoming a part of this organization, I would be able to contribute and hopefully help make our parks even greater than they are today.”

In his three years of service as a board member, Kevin has certainly made an impact. Today he serves as the board treasurer, and he’s the perfect person for the job! Professionally, Kevin is the Chief Lending Officer at North Salem State Bank. Kevin is proud to work for a company as committed as he is to serving Hendricks County. One of the many ways the bank gives back is by sponsoring the Summer Fun Run Series.

“I enjoy the opportunity and have been fortunate to work with so many individuals and businesses in the communities we serve. It is a blessing to work for an organization that values community service and encourages employees to be involved,” added Kevin.

For the avid outdoorsman, there’s something extra special about the parks in Hendricks County—something worth preserving for generations to come. This is why, without hesitation, he donates to PFOHC and encourages others to do the same.

“People need a place to enjoy God’s great creation,” said Kevin. “When people give to PFOHC, they can have the satisfaction of knowing every donation goes to preserve, enhance or create an outdoor space for everyone in our community to enjoy. As the towns continue to grow and develop, we need to create the greatest park system possible so everyone can experience the great outdoors.”

When it comes to parks Kevin loves most, it’s hard to beat the nostalgia of Ellis Park but he can’t ignore the breathtaking scenery of McCloud Nature Park.

“McCloud reminds me of what I vision Indiana to look like in the 1800s. There are large forest areas mixed with fields of native grasses and beautiful Big Walnut Creek going right through the middle. As much as I love to be outdoors, it is hard to beat the peacefulness of McCloud,” said Kevin.

In addition to his service on the PFOHC Board, Kevin is on the finance committee for the Putnam County Museum, and he is a member of West Bridge Church in Danville. Kevin and his wife Jen enjoy passing on their love for the community with their daughters, Shelby and Emily. It’s a busy season of life between sports, 4-H and school, but Kevin always finds time to share his outdoor hobbies with his children.

“I’ve been fortunate to have been raised out in the country where the woods, fields and lakes were my playground,” Kevin reflected. “Now I love getting to share those same experiences with my kids. Whether we are lucky enough to harvest an animal or catch a fish doesn’t matter as much as the time that we get to spend together.”