Welcome to Maple’s Moments!

Maple the Fox is the mascot for the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County.  Maple can often be found exploring our incredible Hendricks County Parks – McCloud, Sodalis and the Vandalia Trail.  Maple’s explorations will be shared on this blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram.  So please follow along!

Our first journey begins right here, on the new Parks Foundation website!  Our hope is to bring the Parks to you, so you are able to experience the wonder of our Parks and the excitement of our programs, projects and events, between your visits.  This site will also be your source for supporting our Parks.

Here are a few of my favorite places during a virtual visit:

Pictures!  An online photo gallery of us enjoying the Parks!  We post all our pictures of Parks happenings and want to post yours too.  So send us your pictures as you explore our Parks!

The Arboretum! Soon all wildlife we have a new place to roam, the Arboretum at McCloud Nature Park!  The Arboretum will provide environmental education and a venue to bring people together to enjoy and appreciate nature.  It will be a large expanse of trees, shrubs and flowers arranged in a large circle 300-feet in diameter with each of our four Indiana ecosystems represented and easily accessible.   Interpretive signage and walkways will be found throughout.  The Arboretum will be a unique natural attraction in the Midwest and a source of education and enjoyment for close to 20,000 children and adults in its first year, as well as a venue for gatherings and festivities.

Supporting our Parks! Join the community is supporting our Hendricks County Parks.  Joining our efforts to enhance and expand a natural Hendricks County is just a click away.  Donate!

Looking forward to our explorations of our Hendricks County Parks!