Progress is being made to expand Sodalis Nature Park by nearly 2,000 acres! This is a huge collaborative effort by the Indianapolis Airport Authority and the Hendricks County Park Board to give protected land back to our community! Watch for exciting developments in the coming months!

Update:  The MOU has been extended to work toward the full expansion of Sodalis in 2017!

October 16, 2016

MOU signed by the Hendricks County Park Board and the Indianapolis Airport Authority to work toward the transfer of nearly 2,000 acres of conservation land to our Hendricks County Parks! The land includes protected wetland areas that provide critical habitat for the endangered Indiana bat plus many other species of animal and plant life.  IAA and Hendricks County Park Board will meet regularly to collaborate and develop a plan for maintenance and the future use of the land.

From William Roche, superintendent for the Hendricks County Parks:  “This is an amazing opportunity with the potential to create a public park unlike any in the nation, on land already set aside for the protection of an endangered species.  If realized, this future park will serve as an outstanding resource for our community. And, the willingness of the IAA to work with the Park Board, county elected officials, and other partners to help create a community asset on this land really speaks to the caliber of their organization. They have been wonderful partners.”

Full announcement of MOU