Have you ever met someone doing a 5k in every state? Meet Shannon Sawyer from Lake City, Florida, and her three pups!

Shannon’s journey began back in 2018 when she stopped in Virginia and found a 5k race near the place she was staying. The very next day, she participated in another 5k in Connecticut. This sparked an ambitious idea: to complete a 5k in every state across the country. Shannon even celebrated her 50th and 51st birthdays by completing her 50th and 51st 5k races on those days.

So far, Shannon has visited 35 states, with Indiana marking her 34th. Just two days after Indiana, she checked off New Hampshire, completing her races in every state east of the Mississippi except Washington D.C. She saves her race t-shirts to make a quilt representing each state. Shannon plans to continue her journey until she reaches all the states including Hawaii and Alaska!

Among all the 5ks she has completed, Shannon’s all-time favorite is the Hot Cocoa 5K in Oro Valley, Arizona. The breathtaking scenery along the route had her stopping several times to take pictures!

Whenever possible, Shannon loves to bring her dogs to her races, especially local events. Her current crew includes Calvin, an 8-year-old Portuguese Water Dog, Corbin, a 7-year-old Spanish Water Dog, and Carson, a 1-year-old Spanish Water Dog. Corbin is her main partner, friendly, good with crowds, and the best behaved. Calvin even completed 3 out of 4 laps at Scamahorn Park, part of our Summer Fun & Walk Series.

Shannon first heard about our Summer Fun Run & Walk Series through Running in the USA, which spotlights various races such as marathons, triathlons, and youth races across the country. She loved her experience with the Summer Fun Run & Walk Series stating, “I think the idea of the series is great. Highlighting different parks throughout Hendricks County is a great way to showcase what you have to offer. If I was local and could keep the boys at home, I would probably join every Wednesday.”

Shannon’s story highlights the beauty of the outdoors and serves as a reminder that with passion and dedication, any goal is achievable!