Jeff Banning, a proud member of the Hendricks County community, has demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication to the betterment of the community. Serving as an active board member of the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County, Jeff’s involvement spans various initiatives, including his recent participation in the Indiana Land Use Task Force.

Appointed to the task force by Governor Holcomb, Jeff has been an integral part of the committee’s mission to study and address critical issues concerning land use in Indiana. The task force is focused on comprehensively analyzing and providing recommendations on various facets of community development and sustainability. Jeff’s participation in this endeavor speaks to his deep understanding and experience in areas that directly impact the growth of Hendricks County.

Reflecting on his participation, Jeff expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute his expertise and insights gathered from his extensive career. “I have been blessed over my career to have been involved significantly in many of the five items listed in Section 6 that are being addressed,” he stated.

Throughout the process, Jeff has engaged with diverse stakeholders and individuals. From discussing the challenges of education-based decision-making to confronting the complexities of affordable housing and sustainable development, the task force has explored multifaceted issues that influence the county’s well-being.

Sharing some of the key points that have resonated with him, Jeff highlighted concerns such as the soaring costs of childcare, the impact of healthcare accessibility, stress on farmland due to development and green energy projects, and the critical need for strategic and community-specific development planning and zoning. He emphasized the evolving nature of economic development and its role in fueling sustainable community growth.

“As we continue forward, we must determine what insights and information we can present,” Jeff shared, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive and collaborative approach to crafting effective solutions for the complex challenges at hand.

Jeff’s dedication to promoting informed decision-making and fostering sustainable growth within the community has set a commendable standard for community leadership and advocacy. As the task force progresses towards its goals, Jeff’s continued involvement promises to bring valuable perspectives and expertise to the forefront, ensuring a more vibrant and sustainable future for Hendricks County.

We are proud to have Jeff on the PFOHC Board of Directors and greatly appreciate his service to our nonprofit and the entire community.