Abundance of Monarch Butterflies at McCloud Nature Park

The Monarch Butterfly is back…and we couldn’t be more happy!  For the last two decades, the population of monarchs has decreased, by some reports up to 90%.  In our own Hendricks County Parks, we have seen the impact. But this summer, they seem to be making a comeback!IMG_1512

Each summer, a family program, Monarch Migration, is held at McCloud Nature Park.  Last year, monarchs were difficult to find, this year they are abundant!  We were able to tag 25 butterflies (could have done more, but we ran out of tags) for Monarch Watch to help track the migration patterns of the monarch.

The greatest number of monarchs will be passing through our Parks this week, September 14-26, as they migrate to California and Mexico.  Although these butterflies won’t return, their children will.  They will make the journey back to our area next summer and bring with them the hope of a continued resurgence of the monarch.

You can help increase the population of monarch butterflies by creating a habitat for them in your own yard.  Plant milkweed (for the caterpillars), butterfly weed, butterfly bushes and any vibrant flowers in your garden.  You can find all of these plants at our 2016 Native Plant Sale in April.

Don’t miss the monarch migration – visit one of our Hendricks County Parks this week!