We are well into the month of August, which means school is officially back in session. Students everywhere are getting into the swing of things – adjusting to their morning routines, adding time for homework in the evening, and getting to bed early so they can rise with the energy for success in the classroom.

It’s no question that the classroom is where critical development happens every day. Through reading, writing, math, science, social studies, the arts, physical education, and foreign languages, students are exposed to a variety of developmental opportunities every Monday through Friday during the school year. Ensuring that every student has access to quality educational experiences is important for student outcomes and our community as a whole. Young people are the future of Hendricks County!

Rigorous academics and quality educational institutions are a large part of this mission, but students are also able to continue building upon this crucial development after school each time they visit one of our parks or trails.

Students who spend some time after school unwinding outside show an increase in curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking – all skills that help them succeed in an academic setting and in life! The parks and trails we have in our community provide opportunities for students and families to explore these essential life skills and put them into practice.

Many kids immerse themselves in hands-on, experiential learning while spending time outdoors. They often spend time in groups, practicing problem-solving and collaborating with others. Several of our parks even have dedicated after-school educational programs designed to keep the learning going outside the classroom.

Most importantly, though, through engaging in activities at the parks, students can engrain themselves in our community, developing a desire to continue protecting and preserving the beautiful outdoor spaces that make Hendricks County so special.

The Parks Foundation of Hendricks County is proud to advocate for financial resources that enhance our county’s public parks and trails. We know that to provide a safe environment where students can gather after the bell rings, our parks and trails must be top-notch! We are grateful to work alongside the entire community to make this possible.