In August of this year, the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County (PFOHC) announced a new strategic partnership with the Hendricks County Community Foundation (HCCF). The collaboration was created to maximize the two organizations’ collective impact in supporting parks, trails and outdoor spaces throughout Hendricks County.

Moving forward, HCCF will award PFOHC with grant funding to enhance the cultural, recreational and natural resources in Hendricks County. This new grant opportunity is open to all public parks and trails in our community.

PFOHC is pleased to announce this year’s grant, totaling $21,921, was distributed to the three parks systems to fund the projects below:

Congratulations to this year’s grant recipients. PFOHC is grateful to HCCF for its continued support and commitment to improving the parks and trails systems in Hendricks County!

The next opportunity to apply will be announced in early in 2023, and like this year, all public parks and trails will be eligible to apply.