With a passion for parks and nature, Parks Foundation of Hendricks County Board Member Marvin Blade subscribes to the belief that we should all support organizations that make an impact on us—and that benefit us.

“As one who enjoys parks, I want to see them grow and sustained in the future,” Marvin says. “It was important to me that I bring my time, talent and resources to the shared environments in the County.”

While he was in the 2016 Leadership Hendricks County Class, he toured Sodalis Nature Park along with fellow PFOHC Board Member Jeff Banning, and from there learned about opportunities to volunteer with PFOHC. Marvin was attracted to the fact the organization served the entire county—not only the town where he lives.

Marvin lives and works in Plainfield where he is Vice President of Community Relations at Duke Energy, which is regionally headquartered in Plainfield. His team promotes community engagement, volunteerism and helps to administer philanthropic efforts throughout the state.

“We encourage employees to serve in areas they are passionate about,” Marvin says. “Serving as a PFOHC board member is a natural progression for me to do what I enjoy and helps me to model behavior that I promote daily and supports the community I call home.”

Hendricks County continues to experience growth and development. He says that the growth allows for the opportunity to invest in great parks, trails and other amenities by creating places for individuals and families to have enjoyable outdoor experiences. These investments ultimately improve the quality of life for residents, he explains, which helps to further advance economic development and healthy lifestyles.

“The growth also underscores the need to preserve and cherish high-quality green space before it is used for development,” Marvin says. “If you enjoy and use parks, it is natural to support them and is a good way to preserve them for future generations.”

Marvin encourages others to donate to PFOHC because it is a tax-deductible way to help advance

Marvin on the Vandalia Trail!

environmental education, outdoor activities and provides resources parks so desperately need to serve our growing community. Financial donations are essential and land donations are also another opportunity to support PFOHC.

“One of the reasons my wife and I chose the house we live in is because we can see the Vandalia Trail from our back door,” Marvin says. “Physical fitness is important to our family, and this affords us the opportunity to be active on the trails and in the parks that are connected by the trail system.”

The interconnectivity of the trails in Hendricks County allows Marvin to cycle and jog to the parks he enjoys. He feels safe in these locations and invites each of us to get out and enjoy the many parks within the County!