Like all nonprofits, the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County is led by a board of directors. But let us be clear—this isn’t just any board of directors; it’s one of the best. (If we do say so ourselves.) Our board members are well-connected community leaders who have a heart for the mission of PFOHC. And at the helm of this talented group of individuals is our board president, Matt Browning.

Matt has served on the PFOHC Board for five years and has sat on the executive, governance, finance, development and grants committees. He has also served as a member at large and the board treasurer. Matt is the senior vice president of member solutions and engagement at the Indiana Hospital Association. Before joining the Indiana Hospital Association, Matt worked for Hendricks Regional Health as the executive director of strategic planning, which is how he initially became involved with PFOHC.

As a Hendricks County resident who enjoys the abundance of parks and trails in his community, getting involved with PFOHC was a natural fit. In addition to his service as board president, Matt is also a loyal donor. When it comes to how he gives back, Matt prefers to donate to the general operating fund.

Matt and his family enjoying the great outdoors in Hendricks County.

“I believe it’s important to support the overall mission of the PFOHC,” said Matt. “I do believe in the adage that a rising tide lifts all boats, so when our general fund is growing, all parks are benefitting from that.”

The general operating fund gives the PFOHC leadership flexibility to address the greatest needs of the parks and trails. As a board member and a donor, Matt appreciates being able to see and experience the impact of his volunteer and philanthropic contributions.

“I enjoy being able to walk into any park entity in the county and know that the Foundation had a role in its success,” said Matt. “It’s gratifying to know that the Foundation has a role in supporting a wide array of programs and initiatives.”

You can find Matt walking, running and biking with his family at any of our incredible parks, but he particularly enjoys the B&O Trail and Arbuckle Park.

“I use the B&O Trail four to five times a week for exercise, but my favorite park has to be Arbuckle Park in Brownsburg, for the beautiful walks along the creek and amazing shelter houses,” said Matt.

If you’re looking to make a difference in the Hendricks County community, Matt encourages you to consider getting involved with PFOHC.

“It’s an amazing way to have a big impact in Hendricks County,” said Matt. “It’s hard to think of another entity like the PFOHC that allows for your financial gift to benefit so many at one time.”

We agree, Matt. And we are grateful for your involvement and ongoing support!