The Parks Foundation of Hendricks County (PFOHC) is thrilled to introduce Heather Thompson as the newest addition to its Board of Directors! Her excitement for our community, coupled with a passion for parks and trails, makes her a fantastic asset to our team.

Heather’s journey with PFOHC began with one of the seven cooperative principles— “Concern for Community.” She saw an opportunity to give back to the place she calls home and support a mission that resonates with her values. By joining the board, Heather hopes to deepen her involvement, gain more knowledge about park initiatives, and spread awareness within the community. Plus, the chance to collaborate with other passionate board members was a major draw.

Heather firmly believes PFOHC has an impact on parks, trails, and overall community well-being.

“PFOHC supports our parks – these are places available for anyone to exercise, learn, connect and/or relax,” said Heather. “The parks help improve community well-being, engagement and have an economic impact. There is something for everyone!”

Having called Hendricks County home since 2002, Heather’s support for our parks and trails runs deep. Over the years, she’s been actively involved in various capacities, from attending community events to volunteering and sponsoring park initiatives. Whether it’s volunteering at Blast Off Park playground or enjoying leisurely walks along the B&O Trail, Heather has always valued the importance of these public outdoor spaces.

To those considering donating to PFOHC, Heather offers this:

“Overall, it is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the community, environment and quality of life for people. Donations to the PFOHC help provide resources for park projects and improvements, beyond government funding. These contributions provide assistance now that will help make the parks better for our future,” she explained.   

While Heather doesn’t have a single favorite park, she loves the tradition of spending the afternoon at Hummel Park with friends and family for the 4th of July and then watching the fireworks in the evening. She also enjoyed a challenging Park to Park relay with co-workers a few years ago.

Outside of her commitment to parks, Heather leads a busy life filled with family and outdoor adventures. With two boys immersed in sports, she’s often found cheering from the sidelines at soccer fields. And despite her rural upbringing, Heather appreciates the accessibility of parks to her suburban home, though mastering rollerblading on the B&O Trail remains a work in progress! Professionally, Heather serves as the marketing director for Hendricks Power Cooperative. She has worked at Hendricks Power for nearly 17 years, serving in communications, human resources, and now marketing. PFOHC is thrilled to have Heather as part of our Board of Directors.