We are 10McCloud 9/26 days out from the Fall Colors Run at McCloud Nature Park – October 17, 2015.  Hendricks County is fortunate to have many fitness opportunities, including all types of runs – road races, adventure runs, fun runs, duathlons, triathlons, and my personal favorite trail runs.

Running on trails provides a much deeper connection within yourself and nature. The outside world is shut out and the sights and sounds of nature prevail.   It is possible to completely lose yourself in your run and become part of nature.  Add in a runner’s high and it might be the closes you can get to complete peace.

Set aside the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of running in nature – it is also great for us physically.  Getting out on the trails gives our bodies a break from the stress of pounding the pavement.  It also strengthens our stabilizing muscles that keep overuse injuries at bay.

Fall is theIMG_1776 perfect time to connect to nature and the best way to do that is during a run!

Our Hendricks County Parks offer some of the best trail running in the state!  Visit us this fall and winter.  BTW-the stillness and silence of a winter trail run is amazing .

Hope to see you at the Fall Colors Run at McCloud Nature Park on October 17 for a trail run under a canopy of fall color on the banks of the Big Walnut Creek!  I can’t wait!

-Julie Randall, Parks Foundation of Hendricks County