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If you have been enjoying our beautiful spring weather at McCloud Nature Park, you might have noticed a large area on the banks of the Big Walnut cleared of brush and trees.   In an effort to save the creek bank from erosion and flooding, a wetlands is being developed in this floodplain.

Design – Once the landscape has been recontoured, two small ponds will appear along with new native plants and trees.  The wetlands will be surrounded by a 1/4 mile boardwalk with interpretive signage.  The 2,000+ students who visit McCloud each year on field trips will have a new source of environmental education!

Timeline – The land is close to being cleared and the recontouring will begin this spring.  Plantings will begin in July and August, with trees to planted in October along with boardwalk construction.   The wetlands should be completed this in the spring of 2017!

We will keep you updated on the progress with pictures and posts on our website and facebook.