You have some questions about Summer Fun Run participation tracking, and we have answers!

This year, participants can record their course time by text or online submission. Even if you don’t want to track your time, we would love for you to track your participation, simply by checking in on the Run Sign Up website or via text messaging.

Before you do anything, you’ll need to know your virtual race bib number. Here’s how you can get that! Follow this link and look up your number by typing in your info. If you still can’t find it, then just email  pfohcevents@gmail.com and we would be happy to send it to you


If you’ve already signed up for weekly texts, you will get two texts each week that read: “Welcome to week #00 at XYZ Park” and then a text with the weekly keyword that you will reply with to submit your results. Please note that each week will have a different key word that will expire at midnight the last day of the park’s week.

  • Text “Keyword Bib# Time” to 49514
    • Example for participant who is Bib #153: 1Hummel 153 24:45
    • Note: If your time is 1 hour or more you must include the seconds so in this case your text would be 1Hummel 153 1:24:45.
  • If you don’t want to share your time but just show that you completed the course you can enter NONE instead of a time
    • Example for participant who is Bib #153: 1Hummel 153 NONE

Note: If you registered multiple people with the same phone number, you will get a text per person. Reply to each message separately with the corresponding persons bib number and time.

If you originally selected NO for text messaging and would now like to submit results via text, you will have to initiate the text yourself each week as you will not receive the automated texts. Simply follow the same directions as above to send your results with or without your time. Text “Keyword Bib# Time” to 49514.

Here’s a list of the weekly keywords and schedule:

  • Week 1: June 1-7 – 1HUMMEL
  • Week 2: June 8-14 – 2WP
  • Week 3: June 15-21 – 3ATHP
  • Week 4: June 22-28 – 4MCCLOUD
  • Week 5: June 29-July 5 – 5GEP
  • Week 6: July 6-12 – 6VT
  • Week 7: July 13-19 – 7AP
  • Week 8: July 20-26 – 8WTP
  • Week 9: July 27-Aug 2 – 9SODALIS
  • Week 10: Aug 3-9 – 10CARDBO
  • Week 11: Aug 10-16 – 11TALON
  • Week 12: Aug 17-23 – 12GIBBS
  • Week 13: Aug 24-30 – 13HRHY
  • Week 14: Aug 31 – Sept 6 – 14SP


  • Go to results page here
  • Search for yourself or the person you are submitting results for
  • Choose/click your name to move to next screen
  • Under EVENTS, click “Submit Virtual Results”
  • Next to your name, make sure the correct park is listed in the drop-down box
  • If you tracked your time, enter that, and submit
  • If you did not track your time, click the box “I finished, but did not time my run” and submit.

Still have questions? Please email us at pfohcevents@gmail.com. Enjoy getting out and exploring all the amazing parks and trails in Hendricks County. Thank you for supporting the Summer Fun Run!