This month Beth Anne Ennen is a guest writer for the PFOHC Blog. Learn why she and her family have participated in the Summer Fun Run for the last six years.

Why do you participate in this event?

I am an outdoor kind of girl and always have been. It is where I feel most at peace. Being outdoors in nature provides time for reflection, clarity and the space to find balance in our lives. It is a wonderful form of self-care. Hendricks County is so fortunate to have such incredible parks and trail systems right in our own backyard.

What do you like most about the Summer Fun Run?

Sense of Community: When you look at the faces of everyone coming together, smiling, sharing experiences and showing kindness to one another, it creates connections. It is awesome to witness.

Personal Accountability: Whether you choose to come solo, bring a friend, family members or your pet(s), all are welcome. Run or walk, meet yourself where you’re at. If this is a lifestyle change for you, Summer Fun Run is an excellent opportunity to hold yourself accountable, build that support system and make new friends. We’re all on our own individual journey, but we truly are all in this together. Every week there is a newly marked park/trail which brings variety to the series. There is flexibility built into the program as the weekly park/trail remains marked for a full week. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to be there weekly on Wednesdays between 4:30-6:30, plan for a different day to get that movement in. SFR will keep you active and engaged! Don’t forget, you get a T-shirt. Wear it proudly and tell others all about it!

What’s something new you have discovered in Hendricks County as a result of participating?

There are several parks my family and I have frequented throughout the years and others we’ve watched develop, grow and change. Being a part of the Summer Fun Run allows for the exploration of so many parks within Hendricks County we had never experienced before. They are quite impressive! Our family discovered the amazing trail systems. My husband Brent and I recently became members of the B&O Trial Association as well.

How does it feel knowing your participation is supporting your local parks and trails?

My husband and I wanted to teach our three girls (Carlee, Megan and Emma) about their environment and their community. We feel it’s an important connection to have. The Parks Foundation of Hendricks County Summer Fun Run Series has done just that. Our family has been involved for the past 6 years and we’ve watched the evolution of the Summer Fun Run program. It is awesome seeing local businesses, organizations and members of the community out together (in-person) supporting and enjoying these beautiful parks of ours. Supporting Hendricks County Parks through the Summer Fun Run series is just one way to show respect, dedication and kindness to the community where we all live, work and play. Giving back is critical to preserve for generations to come. It’s a responsibility we all share!

Take the time to check out all the amazing parks in the 2023 Summer Fun Run Series this summer and join in to support the continual growth for our incredible parks and trail systems right here in Hendricks County!

About Beth Anne

My husband, Brent Ennen and I just celebrated 25 years of marriage. I am a mother to (3) beautiful daughters (Carlee, Megan, Emma) all who are Avon High School graduates. I am a nurse of 20 years dedicating the past 17 years to RHI-Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana. My family and I have been Hendricks County residences for the past 19 years. In that time, we’ve watched and experienced tremendous growth in Hendricks County and the Town of Avon. There continues to be so many exciting things available to the residences of our community. I’m always on the lookout for things to keep my family active, healthy and happy. The Summer Fun Run Series is just that!