Corporate Partnerships

The Parks Foundation of Hendricks County is grateful for its strong network of corporate community partners. Our corporate partners do much more than support us financially, these leaders share their ideas, talents, and in-kind donations to elevate the mission of PFOHC. They also send a loud and clear message that Hendricks County parks and trails matter!

We believe successful partnerships are a two-way street. That’s why we connect, listen and learn from the companies we work with to collaborate on efforts to achieve mutual goals that benefit our entire community.

Whether it’s funding a park project, volunteering to bring a project to life, or sharing other resources with PFOHC, our corporate partners take pride in knowing they are contributing to Hendricks County in a meaningful way.

Curious about ways your organization can connect at a corporate partner? Here are a few:

  • Fundraise to provide playground equipment at a Hendricks County park
  • Pool employee funds to provide camp scholarships to local kids
  • Fund dog water fountains and bring your staff for park day with their dogs
  • Clean up a park or trail as part of your employee give-back day
  • Provide funding to start a new teen program

We would love to work with your organization to connect you with projects and programs that align with your corporate social responsibility goals. Email Katy Cummings at katy@pfohc.org to start the conversation about how you can join these PFOHC corporate partners!

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