100% Pure McCloud Maple Syrup – One Gallon


100% Pure McCloud Maple Syrup, McCloud Nature Park, Hendricks County, Indiana. One gallon jug. 2018 batch.

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In January and February each year, sap from the Sugar Maple trees at McCloud Nature Park is harvested and boiled down to create our 100% McCloud Maple Syrup. Enjoy this sweet treat, rich in powerful antioxidants and essential minerals. Not only will your health benefit, but you are supporting our Hendricks County Parks and a natural Hendricks County!

  • One-gallon jug, 2018 batch – $80 each, which is a donation to benefit the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County
  • PICK-UP ONLY:  during regular business hours (8am-4pm, M-F) at Hendricks County Parks & Recreation Office located at 955 E. Main, Danville, IN 46122 OR schedule pick-up at McCloud Nature Park by emailing mstritar@pfohc.org.